What do You Expect?


Romans 8:18-21

It is some time since I have written. We have navigated the Christmas, New Year and school holiday seasons and have ventured into 2020. In my previous blogs I discussed two things that were dear to the heart of our Lord Jesus, and thus also to the Father and Holy Spirit. I spent considerable time focusing on the instruction of Jesus for us to Love, and His prayer for us to be one. These must remain central to anything else we consider.

As I have pondered what should be a priority for the coming days I sensed that an important thing for us to consider is “expectation”. This of course can have numerous layers of application, ranging from personal, family, career, finances, relationships, ministry and you can probably add to the list. It is common for people to make “New Year resolutions” in that moment the clock declares the start of another year. Unfortunately for many, these so called resolutions are short lived. Often such resolutions are motivated by a desire for change but infrequently undergirded by the will to change.

Let’s think for a moment about expectation. For the purpose of illustration, a common desire for many is to lose weight and get fit. This is often accompanied by joining a gym (paying for some form of membership), buying the new outfit with all the appropriate logos. There may be good intention in this but if the expectation is that this will achieve the goal, we are deceived.

What is a real expectation to achieve this goal? Let’s think of the real cost (not the clothes, sneakers and membership), but time, effort, discipline, change of routine and habits are some. A realistic goal, accompanied by a realistic plan and a commitment to the goal will help us fulfill an expectation.

Expectation is connected to what we believe. If I believe I can, or if I believe I can’t, I will be right in both cases. My father had a saying, “Blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall not be disappointed”. A saying attributed to Einstein.

So here are a couple of things I have been thinking about, and ask you to ponder.

Are you expecting this year to be just like the last and for nothing to improve?

When you go to a church service or group meeting what are you expecting, and why? Do you have an expectation that you can change the atmosphere of your work, school or home environment? Do you expect to be changed to become more like our Lord Jesus? Let’s be filled with faith and Godly expectation.

“The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed”.

Blessings, David.

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