Philip Alley gives a brief overview of his previous message on the life of Daniel before moving on to today’s theme of living ready for service, just as Daniel did. Philip begins with a timeline of the outstanding events of Daniel’s life as recorded in Scripture, beginning with his challenge to eating the food offered as a very young man to his encounter with the lion’s den when he was over 80 years old. Daniel lived a counter cultural life, says Philip, a way of life completely different to the accepted values of the society in which he lived. He was very clear about who he was – and we must be too. We must not allow ourselves to draw our nourishment from the world around us but to look to God for our sustenance in all things. We make our decisions, says Philip, but then those decisions make us. Today Philip focuses on Daniel 5, describing the city of Babylon and describing the handwriting on the wall that spelled the demise of the kingdom of Belshazzar after he took the sacred vessel from the temple to drink from in an unholy manner. Drawing a parallel, we are the temple of God, and we must not fill our vessels with unholy things but be filled with the Spirit of God. True joy comes from knowing that we are redeemed, says Philip. Happiness comes and goes and depends on circumstances, but true joy is a gift of God. Philip’s message is rich with examples from Daniel’s way of life and decisions that we would all do well to emulate.

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