On the 20th of February - last month - we experienced Cyclone Marcia first hand as it crossed directly over the top of us in Rockhampton. It was the first time in over 50 years that Rockhampton has been directly in the path of a tropical cyclone. In the North Atlantic these are called Hurricanes, and in the North Pacific they are referred to as Typhoons.

Despite the intensity of the storm, there was no loss of life, and it has turned out to be a great adventure, involving many answers to prayer and drawing many people closer to the Lord.

On our church property there was some damage with the back garage door blowing inwards, and the inside of the building and much of its contents becoming soaked with rain. Some of our property was damaged and some of the internal walling will eventually have to be repaired. We also had a large number of trees blow over in the event. It has taken many days of work, including much volunteer help, to sort out the mess both inside and outside of our property. And all the while, we have rejoiced in the goodness of God.

During this time, the church property had no electricity for about a week's duration. That was also part of the fun, and we held a church service at other premises during this time. During the time that our city had no power, many people turned to the bible and especially many of our young people pressed into prayer all the more.

Everyone is safe and well. Whilst we are not eager for more cyclones in the future, we are grateful for the grace of God in preserving us and blessing us not just during this time, but in all things.