Today’s message from John Alley continues the series on Covenant blessing. The emphasis for today falls on the importance of obedience, as well as the powerful way that walking in covenant with God causes blessing to flow, not only for the believer who walks in this way but also on their children. John brings forth many Scripture passages which all point out that God requires obedience of His children. John uses the story of King David and his son King Solomon and his grandson King Rehoboam to illustrate how the way that the father walks in covenant with God profoundly affects the lives of his children. While the Old Covenant was strict and stringent, however, under the New Covenant we have much help from the Lord to walk in the ways of God. Obedience is still required, but we are given grace and the empowering of the Holy Spirit to change our hearts so that it is our desire to obey God.

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