John Alley commences the second part of his series on Covenant Blessing with a brief overview of the previous week’s message, before examining a passage from Leviticus 26 with regard to the 18 promises therein for those who believe and obey God. This inspiring passage lays out four things that God has done and continues to do, as well as four conditions to be observed by those who would follow and believe. The initial obedience, says John, is to believe in Christ, and to love one another. Scripture tells us that we are meant to be called, chosen and faithful as people of God. The word “chosen”, says John, has to do with the Covenant that we are part of if we believe in Christ. This message, rich with Scripture content, many principles that we are meant to incorporate in our lives – compassion, kindness, humility, patience and forgiveness amongst them. In the world there are 3 types of people – Jew, Gentile and those in Christ. There is no Jew or gentile in Christ, says John. God is building a house, from Abraham onwards. While the Old Testament refers to the Jews as God’s chosen people, the New Testament refers to all believers as God’s chosen people.

| Message ByJohn Alley