John Alley speaks of the nature of Jesus, who was fully and properly man at the same time that he was fully and properly God. John describes in detail the historical deliberations of the Church elders on this subject and the origin of the Nicene Creed that we know today. The human race, explains John, owed a great debt of sin. Spiritual law demands that debts must be paid. God could not pay the price in the person of God, and so in order to carry out His plan of redemption He had to find a man who was sinless and who could pay the debt. In the person of Jesus, God became man and lived amongst us. John explains this reality in wonderful clarity and then challenges the listener to consider that although we might believe in Jesus, and may have prayed for forgiveness of our sins, unless we are surrendered to the lordship of Christ, the cross has no power for us. We must come to the place where we fully surrender our lives to Him.

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