Church Life

As you would know, church life has become a completely online thing in recent times because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. This page will outline and point you in all the right directions needed to be a part of the Peace Christian Community, no matter where you are currently living.

Sunday Services

Each week our service will be found on Youtube, but also playable on this website and also posted onto Facebook. Services start at 9:30 am Sunday morning, and families should see the Lord’s day as being a day we set aside for Christ. Fathers, or the heads of homes, should take their spiritual role importantly and take their family or those with them, aside for the purpose of considering the Lord together.

Each Sunday at 9:30 am (GMT+10) you will need to do one of the following:

The video will be available for at least two days afterwards and you can replay parts you may have missed, or share it with others after the event. Certain portions of the video will be added to youtube separately, such as the Out & About section, and the sermon/message, and any worship originating from Peace.

This timezone converter will help if you are not in the +10 Timezone.

How to Watch in Your Lounge Room

It is ideal if you are able to enlarge the video. There are a number of ways to put youtube or facebook up on a television screen. You may consider trying one of the following methods:

  • Use a Chromecast – a device that plugs into your TV and can take youtube or other data from your android phone or tablet and beam it to your television.
  • Use Airplay – iPhones and iPads have a feature called airplay. If you have a compatible smart television, or if you have an Apple Box you will be able to find the video on your phone (youtube, or facebook) and airplay it onto your television.
  • Use a Smart TV Web Browser – Some televisions are able to browse the internet. Simply browse to and click to watch.
  • Use an Apple TV Box, Roku Streamer or other streaming device with a youtube app. There are a number of solutions that include the youtube app. If you have one of these, please find the peace apostolic ministries channel in your youtube app, and play the most recent video.
  • Use a Laptop or Desktop – computer have bigger screens than phones, so if its not possible to watch on your television, use your computer browser and go to to watch.
  • Other – if none of these suffice, please email us via our contact form and describe your situation. We may be able to provide some limited support.

Prayer Meetings

As a church we are accustomed to much prayer. Below are the listed prayer meetings:

  • Morning Prayer 6:00 am: (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday) via Zoom – please contact the church for a zoom link.
  • Youth Prayer Meeting – Tuesday 5:30 pm: via Zoom – please contact the church for a zoom link.
  • Staff Prayers – Pastors pray daily at 9:00 am, but these are closed prayer meetings
  • Church Council/Life Group Leaders – Tuesday nights at 7:00 – contact the office for details.

Youth Service

Youth is a weekly event held on Friday nights at 7:30 pm. This runs weekly except through the Christmas holiday period. If you would like to attend, please contact the office for a Zoom link.

Tithes & Giving

Tithing and Gifts are an important part of Christian life. During the time of the Coronavirus Crisis, all giving is now needed to be done digitally via one of the following methods.

  • (give via credit card or Paypal)
  • You can also give via Text Message (a few steps the first time)Text an amount to: 0480016322 (in Australia) or +61480016322 (International)
  • Direct Transfer – Deposit to: (consider setting up a recurring deposit) Please contact the office on to obtain our bank numbers.


Weekly Church News is emailed out on Fridays. Please contact us with your information if you would like to be added to the churches email list. This is a separate list to the Peace News list that you can automatically subscribe to on this site, which emails monthly.