The Church is not going to be the same. Jesus said that you cannot take a new patch and sew it on old clothes, (Matt 9:16) no you instead just wear the new clothes. God is taking the Church through change (and some chaos) and bringing it to the place where it is new. The old won't stick and won't work anymore.

One of the most predominant changes here is that the Church is moving from being institutional and organisation based, to being relational and people based. It is our relationships, our love for one another that is the Church.

God is in fact raising Apostles and giving them authority and they will teach the Body of Christ (along with other 5 fold ministers) how to love and how to care, and how to belong to each other.

Just like in the book of Ezekiel the valley of dry bones became an Army as the bones joined together and flesh came back on them, so the Body of Christ is now coming alive, and its flesh is coming back on. It's the restoration of true leadership and the true way of loving and relating that always was supposed to be there. It's what we call Apostolic Christianity, but in fact, its just Christianity how its supposed to be.

The Church is Changing, and the years ahead are going to be interesting and whilst maybe difficult at times, certainly wonderful at the same time.

Christianity is Changing