Christian Freedom and the Place of the Law

John Alley begins this message by reading an account of an 8-year-old’s view of God, complete with the statement that “If there’s one person you want to please, it’s Him”. He then goes on to explore the balance of law and grace, giving examples from real life stories of 2 men who held strong views about the proper use of Sundays. John takes the listener to Romans 7:6, which speaks of dying to what once bound us and being released from the law.

This leads into a discussion of the need to give the law its due, while giving grace its rights so that believers are able to walk in the freedom that God intended them to have. But we are not to abuse that freedom by behaving contrary to the law. It is the object of our love, says John, that will determine how we behave. John explains that we are free from the curse and the supervision of the law, but we are not free from its teaching.

This message is rich with thought provoking teaching and will reward the listener for the time spent in thoughtful attention to it.

Sunday, 2nd October, 2011

| Message ByJohn Alley