David Alley continues John Alley’s theme from the previous week, revisiting truths form that message before embarking on an in-depth look at the difference between those who have understanding of God’s will and those who do not. Understanding, says David, is more or less the same as knowing God’s will. The consequences can be dire for those who do not seek to understand God’s will, as evidenced in several Scripture verses that David draws our attention to. But God’s understanding has no limits (Ps 147:5). When we act without knowing God’s will, says David, by our very human nature we oppose God. David goes on to give many scripture examples of the great things that come out of knowing God’s will before returning once more to Acts 22:14-15 which tells us that we are chosen to know and understand His will so that we can be His witnesses to all people. This, concludes David, all adds up to indicate that God has something big for us as a people to do.

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