Cambodia Ministry October 2012

Cambodia has become the training ground for our young teams to gain experience in ministry, experience another culture, deepen the relationships we have in that part of the world and spread the apostolic message. Our intention is to love and serve Meng Aun and Rady Chan in their extensive work across Cambodia. They have been in relationship with John and teams from Peace for 16 years or so.

This time the team consisted of Jonathan Maxwell, Alex Crossley, Jordan Brown and Nathanael Patson. Our mission was to run three seminars in three different locations for Pastors, House Church Leaders and other young people. Our work began in the Kampong Thom province (half way between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap). We shared with a meal with key leaders for the area then held a one day seminar. There was about 30 people in attendance and we spoke to the subjects Sonship, Honour and Forgiveness, then we prayed for every person there for what ever need they had. We were received well, experienced grace and shared in the joy of bringing the word of God.

Our Next location was Kampong Cham. We held another seminar for Pastor Hong’s (Meng Aun’s brother) house church leaders. Forgiveness was a theme for our whole trip and along with sonship really triggered some big breakthroughs where ever we went. We had time with the orphans, gave them gifts and played with them. There was so much joy there and you could see how by supporting Meng’s work you were making the difference to the life and future of these children.

We came back to the capital Phnom Penh to finish the work with another seminar, Sunday ministry in Meng Aun’s church (The Followers of Jesus Church) and also visited the ‘The Jesus School’. Which is situated beside a dump and slum and services the children that are forced to work in the dump collecting rubbish to earn money for their families.

This trip was an experience of grace. We felt un-prepared but we were willing, and that seemed to be what mattered most. We found a fresh love for our leaders at home and great honour for the ones were serving abroad.