For many years we have supported the work of Meng Aun Hour in Cambodia, and the orphanage he runs, and the Jesus school with its hundreds of students. Initially parents wouldn't let their children attend the school as they were required to scavenge and work to help support their families. Meng Aun bargained and agreed to pay the parents to send their children to school. Once the parents could see the benefit of the education they no longer needed to be paid, and the school has grown tremendously.

Both these works are achieving great results for Christ and we have supported them for many years. And at Christmas time there are needs that go beyond the usual monthly support. Last Christmas the needs were in excess of $6000 and not only did the people in our church give generously, but with the help and support of our friends and partners in other places we were able to meet the needs that there were.

The money raised included being able to give all the students at the school a new uniform each, new textbooks and to be able to give the orphans Christmas gifts and a Christmas meal to celebrate Christ.

Thank you for your support, your prayer and your love in helping us support Meng Aun and the many children in Cambodia we have been able to bless.