Orphanage and Street Children Christmas Appeal

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Seasons greetings to you and your families, we hope you are all well. As we approach the Christmas season our thoughts turn to those less fortunate than ourselves. It has been our practice at Peace to have special offerings at Christmas to support the Cambodian orphanage, and street children school. This is in addition to the monthly support we send to Meng Aun for the daily running of these ministries. We are faced with on going challenges. These include the increase of expenses due to rising costs, and the growth in the number of children receiving care and education. The scripture instructs to give to the poor and to take care of the widows and orphans and this is one opportunity to do this.

We invite you to join with us in this worthy and fruitful ministry by sending a financial gift. You can give a one off gift to bless the children, which will either be used for their Christmas celebration, or for a small present. Alternatively contact us to organise a monthly gift for the on going support of the orphans. Please check out the links further down on this page for details of the Orphanage and School budgets, Meng Aun’s e-mail of appeal for assistance, film clips of the Orphanage and School.

Street Children of Cambodia Video

Jesus School from Peace Australia on Vimeo.

Cambodian Orphans

Cambodia Orphans

Cambodia Orphans