Cambodia Budgets 2012

We have received this letter from our dear brother Meng Aun in Cambodia with information and budgets for the needs in Cambodia. As part of our Christmas Appeal for 2012 we encourage you to consider how you can give to help the needs of the orphans and the street children in Cambodia. Through living a simpler life and a little giving we can make the lives of others warmer and provide basic needs this year.


Dear David Hood

Thank you very much for asking me about the special need for our children in Orphanage : here is our needed that we plan to do on Christmas day


We want to given a school uniforms for our children in Jesus school on December 23, 2012 during our Christmas day and we want to cook special food for them just one time on Christmas day .

  1. Uniforms : 221 children x 7$ per set of uniform = 1547$
  2. Food for 221 children is : 221 child x 2$ = 442$ for Special food on Christmas for food + Drinks


  1. GIFTS on Christmas day is new cloths for them : 33 children x 8$ per set =264$
  2. - Special party: food = 200$

3, Church :

On Christmas day if possible we want to give a special gifts for our house church pastors , we want to buy him or her a new cloths , please keep praying for us .

Thank you very much for your LOVE to us .
God bless you all .

Meng Aun


Here you can also download copies of the Budgets for the Various Needs:

  1. Street Children School Budget 2012
  2. Cambodia Orphanage Budget 2012