Philip Alley resumes his series of messages on the subject of boundaries in community, this week focusing on listening to God. Our first calling, says Philip, is to find God. To this end we spend time and pay attention, listening for what God might say to us. In a world where technology and other things constantly clamour for our attention, attentions spans have generally been seen to be shortening. And all the while the attractions and distractions of such things as having a lucrative career, the pursuit of a large and luxurious home, social media and newer and trendier possessions steal away our focus from the Lord. Philip quotes Scripture verses from Isaiah 55, encouraging the listener to come aside and draw near to the Lord before listing some keys to reversing the effects of the attractions/distractions previously mentioned. These include pausing and reflecting prior to action, reviewing and recording (journaling), getting some outside perspective, finding time alone, finding good examples, meditation, study and solitude. Philip concludes with a suggestion that we adopt the practice of taking an annual long walk for the purpose of drawing aside and near to God.

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