Holy Community

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"There is a sense of peace and order and a flow of grace that has modelled to me an understanding of the revelations of which John teaches and writes about in his books. These revelations are genuinely outworked in the daily life of his family and community." - Jenny Hagger AM, Australian House of Prayer for All Nations

The powerful teaching developed in this book began with a revelation the Lord gave concerning The Spirit of Understanding – a Biblical anointing that enables a church to become a people of one heart and mind. This is the grace that was poured out on the day of Pentecost, when, with the coming of the Holy Spirit, the disciples were changed from individuals with selfish ambition and petty jealousies, to a Christian community of deep love and agreement. This great anointing in Pentecost is what is required for the Church today to again be such a people of one heart and mind – a Holy Community!

"John Alley is an apostolic leader who combines both revelation and experience in his writings. I personally have observed a consistent and empowering grace that is evident in his relationships. To see the fruit of this relational passion is a rare and precious experience within the Body of Christ. John Alley and Peace Ministries are, in my estimation, the ‘Real Deal’ because they truly embody the apostolic and relational grace that is bringing heaven to earth within the Twenty-first Century Church." - Rev. Dr. John McElroy, Southern Cross Association of Churches

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