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Lloyd Gill has just returned on behalf of 'Peace' from some fruitful ministry in both Tanzania and Kenya meeting with key brothers, congregations and ministries in Dar 'es Salaam, and also in Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

In Tanzania during December 6-9, Lloyd spoke and ministered for Pastor Job, a dear brother who he was able to serve with teaching, impartation and prayer. The apostolic grace that is on our lives, is tangible, and truly flows when we go with the purpose to give and serve others.

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It is that time of year when people begin to plan their 2019 Calendars. We encourage you to consider joining us in 2019, in Rockhampton, for the annual Australian Apostolic Summit.

The idea of the apostle, and being apostolic has spread rapidly throughout the world, but the true essence of it, and the grace and authority of real apostleship still eludes many churches. God is raising up the genuine, but the excitement of new things causes many to rush ahead without proper understanding. The summit is always a great time to learn and grow in your understanding of these things.

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To view live streaming, make sure you check your time zone matches +10 GMT (Brisbane) and go to this page where the stream will start when the message for each session commences.

The 2019 Australia Apostolic Summit will have a total of 8 meetings over 4 days, and each of them will be live streamed as below:


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During April Peace has ministered, with the visit of Pastor Lloyd Gill, at a number of locations in Uganda, Africa.

Lloyd has ministered for Bishop Wafula Frederick, Pastor Simon Bali and Brother Timothy at a number of locations including Kampala, Wakitaka and a remote place near Lake Kyoga.

Over the years Peace has ministered in Uganda on many occasions, and a number of us have been there, including Lloyd multiple times. God has been very gracious in opening doors and allowing us to sow the seed of the apostolic message into hearts and minds across this nation.

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Over the weekend just gone, millions of believers all around the world have celebrated and remembered the death and resurrection of our Lord. Through his death we have atonement, redemption, justification, and in fact are given everything we need for life in Christ. But a dead giver leaves no posterity. We are not left orphaned however because Christ is not dead, but alive.

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This is a snippet from Chapter 4 of The City Gate by John Alley.

On a recent Sunday morning I asked my church this question: "What one thing, more than any other, if we prayed for it and saw it come about, would do more to improve the lives, and lift up family life, and bless and protect this church and every church in the city?" The answer was: City Eldership

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Can't make the 2017 Australian Apostolic Summit in person? Please join us online for all 8 sessions. To watch sessions, go to:


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Bethlehem was a little town in Judea when Christ was born there, and today (pictured above) it is still a small middle easter town. There is little to differentiate it from other places, and yet Christ chose this location to be born.

Christ has always been on one hand quick to avoid the limelight, and humble in all His dealings, such as His humble birth at a location like Bethlehem. And on the other hand His life was touched by great glory, such as the vast choirs of Heaven singing for His birth. Such glory and humility combined.

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Last year we announced that we have commenced working towards building an online training environment where ministers, and interested others will be able to receive formal training in apostolic ministry.

What we have in mind is a large undertaking and we are currently well at work, with expectations of launching in the first half of next year. So far we have spent several months in filming and lecturing. We have begun building course notes to match and have begun constructing the programming and server backend for the training environment.

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The last two weeks Michael Appleton has been in India visiting, encouraging and strengthening pastors and churchs, serving them wholeheartedly and seeing great grace released through it all.

We have deep relationships in a number of places in India, but no more than in Chennai, Tamil Nadu with Pastor Premnath and Priya Samuels, and in Bhimavaram, Andra Pradesh with Pastor John and Prasanthi Christian. They are dear people, and the reports coming home from Michael have shown the heart in these people, and the goodness of God that continues to increase wherever his people are.

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