Bitterness and the Goodness of God

Sometimes we question that God is good when bad things happen. We see them happening and experience them ourselves and wonder what part of his plan something like this falls into. However, just because things are not happening the way that you imagined they would does not make God a bad God, it just means that all of his plans have not yet been revealed to you.

Consider, if you are a parent. You make your kids do all sorts of things that they might find unpleasant at the time. You make them wash up to teach them cleanliness, you make them do yard work to teach them good work ethic, and you don't give them lollies at 6am- even if they are convinced that lollies are exactly what they need at that moment. And even though they might grumble and complain about this you keep doing it, as well as clothing them and showing them care, because you love them and want the very best for them. Likewise, God's view is infinitely bigger than ours, and despite our grumbling and complaining, he still provides for us and protects us.

Do not allow lack of perspective to make you bitter when things don't go according to plan. Instead, trust that God is who he says that he is and that he is able to make good come out of any situation and that for every problem you might face, he has a solution.

| Message ByDavid Alley