This message by John Alley explores and uncovers some of the wonderful truths of Bible chronology. John shows from Scripture that the Bible teaches of an un broken timeline, beginning with Adam right through to the last Adam, Jesus Christ. There are genealogical details for many family lines, and yet the only one of those which includes details of time and years (chronology) is that which traces from Adam to Jesus – and often not through the first-born son of a particular man in this genealogical line. This message serves to confirm that Adam, as all the others named in the family line of Jesus, was a real man. John concludes his detail with four statements:

  1. The God who worked out the intricate telling of history in the Scriptures certainly watches over those who are in Christ, the second Adam.
  2. The same God who chose the patriarchs chose each one of us.
  3. The same God who went ahead of those men also goes ahead of each of us.
  4. There is a God at work in history.

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