Better Everything – Understanding The Covenant

Often, when we come to a saving knowledge of Christ we go on in that relationship with very little understanding of the real meaning of the cross. In this message, John Alley takes Scripture from the book of Hebrews to illustrate that when the New Covenant was established through the work of the cross, the Old Covenant was abolished.

The Old Covenant, says John, held together by the Law, under which we were obligated to obey over 600 laws. Not only that, but there was no help given to enable us to do that. Under the New Covenant, however, Jesus gives just one new commandment; that we love one another. And with the commandment He gives us grace and enabling power to live without condemnation, even when we fall short.

John ties together in this message many aspects of the way in which, through the cross, God has so wonderfully made provision for us to live for Him and to walk in His ways.

Sunday 27th June 2010