In this message, John Alley debunks the popular idea that in order to win the world for Christ, Christians should become like the world, so as to be accepted by them. John then goes on to explore many passages of scripture which teach that we are to live lives that are separate from the world, as God’s very own people. In the older versions of the Bible, this was referred to as being a ‘peculiar’ people, while in the modern translations, those same passages refer to a chosen people, and a people belonging to God. The real principle of life and power, John says, is in obedience to God. John then gives a comprehensive list from the scriptures of the benefits of living that peculiar life described therein, concluding the message by exhorting the listener to “give Him what you have”. This message will inspire the listener to seek a life and walk in Christ that will be truly pleasing to Him. Sunday, 21st June, 2009

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