Our hobbies and the things we enjoy doing can consume us, even to the point of linking our identity to those things. Jonathan illustrates this point clearly with anecdotes from his own experience, but all of us can readily relate to the truth of this. It is up to us, says Jonathan, where we point our minds – and our actions will follow. Jonathan goes on to point our from Scripture that when we focus our thoughts and our attention of Jesus, we are transformed into His image. Just as a caterpillar has no idea of what it will become once transformed, so we also cannot imagine the magnitude of this transformation. And when we focus on the love of God, this in turn causes us begin to love others. We should not strive to do God’s will, but rather focus on Jesus and contemplate Him and then we are transformed. Instead of praying “Lord, show me your will”, says Jonathan, we might just as well pray “Lord, show me your glory”.

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Other Messages About: Renewing the Mind, 2 Corinthians 3:18