Kenn Gill Kenn Gill

Kenn Gill


Kenn & Cheryl Gill of the Ripple Centre, Calgary are wonderful and engaging spiritual leaders whom you will love and appreciate. Kenn is highly regarded in Canada, has great accomplishments, a great story, and a very infectious spirit.

Ministry Experience

They had a church of over 3000 in Calgary, and had sent ministry teams to over 90 nations, and established ministry to the homeless, orphans, widows, foreigners, and the poor, when The Lord spoke to him and said he was taking him back to 'zero.' They entered into a time of powerlessness before God brought them into a whole new season of grace and insight.

Countries Ministered In

Kenn and Cheryl have ministered in many nations but with a special call to Greece and Australia. Listen to Kenn on this website and hear some of their story.