Are You Ready?

Following a short testimony by Jonathan Maxwell on the subject of faithfulness, Carolyn Ponicke shares about her own experience of what it means to draw near to God and the pitfalls of spending time on meaningless pursuits instead of with God. Carolyn shares her own determination to set aside those things that occupy time and the mind but are of no value in the light of eternity, so as to spend more time waiting on God.
David Hood then takes up the theme and speaks about the need for every heart to be ready or a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in revival. David speaks of consecration and what that means, reminding the listener that we are all on a journey towards Christ-likeness. David also points out several things that will help to prevent us from drifting away from God, including an awareness of the holiness of God and an awareness of our need to pray. David concludes the message by exhorting the listener to make a definite decision to live ready for revival.