Schools of Apostolic Ministry

Are You From the USA?
We are calling for expressions of interest for an Apostolic Schools in Los Angeles, Dallas and Seattle. Please read more below, and Register your interest here.

Participate in Training for Apostolic Ministry

With the rise of talk about Apostles and Prophets in the Body of Christ today, it is essential that there is a proper biblical understanding of the role and purpose of these ministry gifts. Unfortunately much of the current available information is from a denominational understanding, and this is dated and doesn't indicate the direction and heart of God. The Church was always meant to be relational in structure and not institutional, but has often slipped back into formal ways and hierarchies. The Old Covenant (Judasism/Law) was always structured but the New Covenant (Christianity/Grace) is relational and of the heart. Being apostolic is far from being independent or alone, but it is a relational work of the heart that goes beyond Institutions.

Peace Apostolic Ministries are wanting to train leaders to see the heart of God and to minister relationally. We are wanting to help leaders see a bigger Church, one that includes a heart for other ministries, and works to unite and serve. We invite you to see a Body of Christ that is a little different to what you may have experienced in the past.

Learn the Following:

  • What does it mean to be Apostolic?
  • Dynamic Qualities of Apostolic People.
  • Apostolic Covering
  • The Role of Apostles
  • The Maturity of the Church
  • Fathering & Being a Spiritual Father
  • The Spirit of Sonship – Being a Son
  • Apostolic Community – Everyone is Apostolic
  • The Unity of the Body of Christ
  • Why Unity is a Heart Thing not a Structure Thing
  • City Church Concepts
  • City Eldership Concepts
  • Dealing with Spiritual Claims over your Ministry.
  • … and much more

Grace that Changes You as a Minister

In Addition, you will discover that it's not only what you are taught that matters, but what you receive by impartation. There is a grace present in our schools that you can obtain by osmosis and as we pray specific prayers, you will leave different to when you arrived. It's not just learning new information that matters, but finding grace to change as well, and we will endeavour to bring you to a place of apostolic grace that will help you in your leadership as you go onwards.

The three years of teaching the apostles received was beneficial, but it was only when the Holy Spirit fell at Pentecost that true change was enabled in them. We need information, and we need grace too. You will learn and receive grace at our schools.

How Does The School Work?

An Apostolic School is typically a 3 or 4 day intensive experience with usually 3 or 4 lectures each day. Part of the school includes fellowship components, and prayer as well as lectures and class material. Schools can differ in terms of its organisation depending on the location. Some include accommodation and meals, and others just include the classes and materials. We are always looking for churches or ministries in new areas that are willing to assist us to conduct an Apostolic School in your location. Each registrant receives a certificate of participation.

Cost of Attendance.

We don't make money on our schools, but seek to recover the cost of hosting the event. For schools inside Australia we often charge $500 per person and this includes accommodation under some circumstances. For schools in other locations the cost doesn't include accommodation, but the price does cover the travel costs of the lecturers and other expenses with hosting the event.

Past Apostolic Schools

Staring in 2007 we have conducted schools every year in numerous locations on 4 continents of Australia, Asia, Africa and North Amercia. This year we are looking to broaden our horizons and take the schools to Europe, Latin America and Online.

Planned Apostolic Schools in 2017

Apostolic Training will be taking place this year in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Myanmar, India and the United States. Please contact us for information regarding times and places.

Expressions of Interest for Future Apostolic Schools

Expressions of Interest are being called to attend possible Apostolic Schools at the following locations. Dates for these events are undecided and will determine on the amount of interest.

  • London Area, United Kingdom, Approx Cost $500 AUD (2 days)
  • Los Angeles Area, USA, Approx Cost $350 USD (2 days)
  • Dallas Area, USA, Approx Cost $350 USD (2 days)
  • Seattle Area, USA, Approx Cost $350 USD (2 days)
  • Dubai, UAE, Approx Cost $500 AUD (2 days)

Additionally, we now have training online available - Cost $399 AUD, Click Here for More Information

Please complete this form to lodge an expression of interest in attending our training at one of the above times and locations. If we receive enough interest we will contact you in regards to that event taking place.

Host Apostolic Training in Your City

Are you connected to a local ministers fellowship that is interested in training for apostolic ministry? Or are you a supervisor of many churches, or area superintendent for your network? If you are in a position where you have influence over a number of Christian leaders, why not invite us to conduct apostolic ministry training for the congregations under your influence? Contact us to find out more about this.