How to be a Church like the New Testament Church

We have heard many sermons inspiring us to be like the Church of the book of Acts. It sounds exciting. Jesus at the wedding in Cana served the best wine last, and so the Church of today is supposed to surpass the Church of the book of Acts. But how?

Such a thing is requires a work of God, a miracle of the heart that comes by the moving of the Holy Spirit, and it is such a move that we must seek.

First we teach values of community, the removal of competition, loving one another above ourselves and many similar concepts taught by Christ during His life. We do this consistently and thoroughly.

Then we add to that prayer for a move of God like that which happened at Pentecost. We pray for God to take a hold of a diverse group of people and unify them into one body. What is needed is a communal baptism of the Holy Spirit, and this will do what no man can do. It will change the heart, unite the people, and produce a people of one heart and one mind.

This is a summary of what is in this booklet, and of how to become a people like the New Testament Church.