Alpha is a town in western central queensland is named after an early property in the area taken up in 1863. Alpha Station homestead was quite famous - it was described by the Town and Country Journal in 1875 as "One of the prettiest spots that could be imagined."  Alpha appears in literature and poetry throughout Australian history and is a great place to live.


The Word alpha is used a lot in other ways, for example we often refer to the "top dog" as an alpha male.  One of the most amazing search engines on the internet is call Wolfram Alpha - and in the Bible Jesus was called the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last.  

What is your Alpha?

In our lives we have things which are priorities to us - they are our alpha.  What is your alpha? For some people it is their posessions, for others their job, for others their lover or their hobby.

Recently we purchased cupboards from an elderly couple living in Emu Park.  They had grown older and were planning on moving into a Retirement Village to be close to care.  They had sold their house and were selling a lot of their possessions to simplify.  The elderly man aged 82 was dissapointed that he had to leave behind his prized ochid greenhouse.  They planned to take with them a few of the very best orchids and were going to setup a "mini greenhouse" in the village where he could be close to his plants.  You could say that the orchids were his alpha.  

Unfortunately he had a heart attack a few weeks before the move and he had to be moved into a proper old people's home and was separated from his wife.  At that point he was unable to have any orchids with him.  Something which meant so much to him in the end could do nothing for him, and he was separated from them.  

One day each of us is going to pass from this life and everything we hold precious will be taken from us.  Nothing will last and there is nothing we can do to stop the hands of time drawing us closer to our death each and every day.  Ten out of ten people die - it is the ultimate statistic.  We try not to think about it, but eventually we have an appointment to make.  One day we will stand before our Maker and give an account of our lives to him.  

God will bring out the Ten Commandments - the moral Law and examine our lives to see if we have been good people.  The very first of the Ten Commandments says "You shall have no gods before me."  In other words - God must be the first thing in our lives.  God must be our alpha.  

When you stand before God on Judgement day and have to explain to him why orchids, movies, cars, facebook, clothes, your spouse, or any other thing was more important that God, what will you say to Him then?

If you take time to examine the other commandments you'll begin to realise that your life and your time has been consumed on yourself and your desires.  If you have told a lie (even a little one) you have broken Commandment 9.  If you have stolen anything (even small things) you are a thief - and have broken commandment 8.  If you have looked at a women and thought about sex with her, then according to Jesus in Matthew 5:27 you have committed adultery in your heart.  That is breaking commandment 7.  Jesus also said if you hate someone you have committed murder in your heart - and broken commandment 6.  If you have used God's name as a swear word - you are a blasphemer and have broken commandment 3.

If you have broken these commandments, then it is obvious that God is not your alpha and you are guilty as charged.

The Bible says that punishment for breaking God's laws is eternity in a place called Hell.  Not the fun hell you hear your friends laugh about, a much more horrible place.  I don't like thinking about it. 

But finally John 3:16 makes sense. "For God so loved the world that he sent his son (Jesus, who was crucified even though innocent) so that whoever trusts in him will not perish." 

If you've ever had a speeding ticket, you'll know that it has to be paid. You can pay it yourself, or someone else can for you. In the same way, your debt towards God has to be paid, and either you will pay it yourself or you can hand your life over to Christ in exchange for his offer to pay it for you.

Jesus gave up his life when he was crucified. This was a payment to take our punishment.  Jesus was born from a virgin (that's wild) and because of that and his genuinly good life, he was the only perfect human being.  So he became the only candidate who could "pay your fine" if you accept it and give your life up to him. It's a swap, his life for yours.

The only escape is found in Christ. You must do 2 things:  First you need help - you need to come to Jesus and trust him and be willing to follow him.  Secondly you need to turn yourself around, to do what is called repentance.  Start considering God and his requirements, put behind you the selfishness and find out what God wants from you and do that.  Are you willing to become a follower of Jesus Christ, and turn around and start doing what He wants?

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