Isaiah prophesied (Isa 16:4-5) of the coming Christ, that one from the line of David would in love establish a throne from which he would forever rule and reign. John Alley unpacks this Scripture passage, emphasising the themes of love, faithfulness and righteousness as he takes the listener on a tour of several supporting Scripture verses from the writings of Paul to the Romans, and from the gospels of Matthew and Mark. Touching on the subject of the heretical teaching of Dispensationalism that began from the 1830s, which gave the opinion that the world was almost at an end and the Church would not prevail in the world with the gospel, John speaks of St Patrick who had not heard such nonsense and therefore his faith was unencumbered by such unbelief. Patrick won Ireland to Christ, and Ireland then, in turn, re-educated a Europe which had been ravaged by the Barbarians. And when God creates anything, says John, He creates in huge numbers. God promised Abraham that his descendants would be greater in number than the grains of sand on the seashore. Therefore, we should expect that the spiritual descendants of Abraham – all those who come to Christ and find the faith of Abraham – would be innumerable. Please, leave room in your heart, says John, for God to do a big work with the gospel in this world.

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