It's easy to not consider the Christmas experience that others have each year as we can easily be consumed by our own lives and experiences. Christmas in many parts of the world is not the glamorous event that is often witnessed in the west. In Cambodia for example, Christians remember Christ often in a simple form that may not involve any gifts at all, but still full of love and thanksgiving for the advent of Christ.

Jesus didn't come with any earthly granduer or glamour, but the angels did sing for joy. Even though most people didn't notice, it was with great wonder a few shepherds, and then later the magi considered the entrance of this king, who was just a child.

The first Christmas was a simple affair in terms of earthly standards, and that is also how it is in many parts of Asia, and certainly in Cambodia.

With that in mind we invite you to help improve the lives of children in Cambodia by supporting them with a gift. Your donations will provide a Christmas meal to them, and also school clothes for the year to come. These are modest things in comparison to western standards, but a big blessing to them.

Consider how you can "give hope" this Christmas with a gift, and remember the first Christmas and it's simplicity at the same time.