A Life Surrendered

Today John Alley commences his message with an excerpt from “Binding the Strong Man over America” by John Benefield. This inspiring passage tells a story of dramatic change to a region of Oklahoma in the wake of extensive Prayer, spiritual mapping and spiritual warfare and emphasises the fact that spiritual forces are very much at work in the world about us.

John then goes on to examine Isaiah 40:6-8, which compares man to the grass of the field which is here today and withers tomorrow before proclaiming that the world of God stands forever. John goes on to remind the listener that life is temporary, a short period in which to decide whether we love life and therefore love the Lord, or hate life and therefore hate Christ. We can fall on the stone and be broken, says John, or it will fall on us and crush us. The choices we make here and now determine our eternity. The outer man is perishing and decaying moment by moment, but for those who have Christ, there is great joy and peace inside.

John goes on to examine Scriptures from 1 Peter 1:22-25 and from Psalm 103, all of which reiterate the theme of the temporary nature of earthly life alongside the eternal truth that lives forever in those who believe. Where else can we find such hope? In John’s words, we cannot. In these days leading up to the annual Summit, John exhorts the people of God to empty ourselves of all that is of “self” and repent of every wickedness so that we can receive all that the Holy Spirit desires to impart.

| Message ByJohn Alley