Continuing his series of teaching on eschatology, or the end times, John Alley begins with the statement that there is a great deal of scholarship examining the Scriptures and arriving at satisfying conclusions regarding end times rather than alarmist ones. John goes on to explain how what we believe very much affects our behaviour and the choices we make in life as well as how we plan our lives. While we are free to hold to any of the varying views of how the last days will unfold, says John, we should adopt a position that allows us to plan for the future and to build great works in preparation for the coming of Christ. In other words, we should live as though we will live our entire lives for Christ and sharing Christ. John gives examples from history of people who lived that way and as a result, accomplished great things for the Kingdom. John then begins an examination of Matthew 24:29 – 31, a passage often misinterpreted by readers. John goes on to explain how the original Greek language used indicates that there are figures of speech used, bringing a clearer interpretation of the passage. This is an encouraging message which will bring liberty and hope to the hearer.

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