The Bible tells us that grace and truth came into the world through Jesus Christ. In this message David Hood brings forth many verses of Scripture which reiterate the truth that Jesus acted and spoke only in accordance with the Father’s will. If we do not obey what the Bible says, says David, we will have no light. David goes on to say that what we do with the truth we are given is of critical importance.
David then turns to the fact that the devil is a liar and the father of lies – we must believe the truth regarding our transformation into Christ-likeness. David closes his message by saying that the Holy Spirit brings conviction in order to give freedom. The devil, however, brings condemnation in order to keep us in bondage. Therefore, it is critical that as soon as the conviction of the Holy Spirit comes, we should turn to the Father and find the freedom He intends for us so that we do not take on the condemnation that the enemy of our soul tries to impose upon us.

| Message ByDavid Hood