2012 Apostolic Summit Session 8 – These Things I Entrust to You

Visiting Apostle Dr Bob Hauselman begins this message with a reading of 2 Tim 2:2, in which the apostle Paul exhorts the younger Timothy to entrust the things Paul had taught him to reliable men who would be qualified to teach others. In a similar vein, Dr Bob then share a wealth of Godly wisdom learned over his years on the path of life in Christ. God still speaks today, says Dr Bob, and we must exercise discernment as we press in to Him for revelation which is powerful and useful in our lives. “We are small people who live inside a big dream. It is important that we grow up and fill that dream.” “Don’t pray that the denominational boundaries will come down instead that the people of God will grow big enough to step over the boundaries without tripping.” These are many other pearls of wisdom are found within this message.

The Peace Australia Apostolic Summit is an annual event in may, held in Rockhampton under the leadership of John Alley. People from all over Australia and from many other nations gather together to hear and share in what the Lord is saying and doing among His people. This year, the Summit speakers included Ap. Bob Hauselman,Ps. Richard Hamm and John Alley.

| Message ByBob Hauselman