Watch Out!

David Hood begins this message by laying a scriptural foundation regarding the life that the believer has in Christ – eternal life, abundant life, and absolute freedom. David then goes on to examine the life of Judas, who was chosen by the Lord and designated an apostle. Judas was included in the number of the disciples who went out and preached, healed and cast out demons. But then Judas departed from his calling by giving in to his desire to do what he wanted. What about us? When the Lord brings us to a place of testing, says David, we too often turn on others instead of turning to God.

David, through the scriptures, issues a clear warning to all to hold firmly until the end the confidence that we had in Christ when first we believed. In addition, David exhorts to listener to listen carefully and to pay attention to the words of God.

Sunday, 7th August, 2011