This message by Philip Alley is the first part of a planned series based on The Ten Commandments. Philip reminds the listener that there are only two recorded instances of God Himself physically writing – one of them being when He inscribed the Ten Commandments on tablets of stone. Philip prefaces his message with a discussion of the relationship between law and grace and their place in the lives of Christians. In this introductory message Philip looks at the first two commandments. First, says Philip, God refuses to be on top of our priority lists – He wants to be the centre of everything. That way, no one and nothing is able to come before Him. (Ex 20:1-2) Secondly, (Ex 20:4-5), we are not to make images to worship. And yet, there are other things on which we focus in such a way as to be akin to worship. Television, phones, even visits to the coffee shop – anything can become an idol in our lives. And the only thing that can free us from this tendency is to worship God, reflecting on the goodness of God.

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